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i just wanna rock (you all night long) ( exo, chansoo, pg-13 )

Title: I Just Wanna Rock (You All Night Long)
Pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG-13
WC: 8,778
Summary: Record Store!AU - sequel to Wild Rock Bands I Have Known. The day before the benefit concert, Jongin disappears, Kris tries not to kill everybody and Kyungsoo wishes desperately, not for the first time, he could have any job other than his own.
Notes: The promised sequel. Any spin-offs will likely center on the band Lu Han and the Sirens. I wrote this ridiculously slowly so excuse any fail. I hope everyone didn't forget the first story by now.

Kyungsoo pulls at the hem of his leather jacket, arms squeaking faintly at the rub of the material, and tilts his head as he starts nodding along to the rough, crackling riff seeping out of the speakers.

“Rumors spreadin’ around in that Texas town,” he mouths along as the gruff, smoke-harsh voice starts in on the first verse, “‘bout that shack outside La Grange.”

By the time the chorus starts in with the drums, Kyungsoo’s jacket is down around his elbows and he’s tossing about wildly like a palm frond in a hurricane, hips wiggling and grinding around in the air as he plays air guitar with pinched fingers and rolls his head back on loose shoulders, lower lip trapped between his teeth. He makes it halfway through the guitar solo before the music gets shut off and he looks up expectantly at Kris.

“Put the broom down before you break it,” his boss drawls, hardly unused to Kyungsoo’s early morning antics. “Is Jongin not in yet?”

“I haven’t seen him yet.” Kyungsoo sets the broom he’s been “playing” guitar on to the side, taking Kris’s suggestion for the warning it is.

“I’ve called him twice,” Kris grunts. “Little punk won’t answer.”

“Maybe he slept through his alarm,” Kyungsoo suggests, worrying at his lip. It isn’t like Jongin to not show up for his shift. In fact, Kyungsoo can’t remember him missing one single day of work since Kyungsoo started at EXO. From Kris’s expression, Kyungsoo infers that Jongin not being present is something to be concerned about. He asks whether he should try giving him a call.

“If he won’t answer me, he definitely won’t answer you,” Kris replies, disappearing into the back of the store again.

Kyungsoo sighs to himself, moving to unlock the store front and tidy up the displays. He can already tell it’s going to be a very long day, and not just because they’re having their Autism Speaks benefit in less than 48 hours. Tempers have been running high around the store for days and Kyungsoo isn’t entirely sure someone isn’t going to snap and try to murder him and the rest of his co-workers by the end of the day.

Kyungsoo keeps the broom close at hand for the remainder of the morning as added protection, just in case.

He realizes the day is not getting any better when he pulls the door to a seemingly unoccupied listening booth open to clean it up, a mere hour into his shift, and comes face to face with Lu Han and Joonmyun sprawled on the floor in the cramped space, bags of fast food spilling out between them beside the open laptop on Lu Han’s legs, a couple french fries laying on the edge of the notebook on Joonmyun’s lap.

Kyungsoo gawks at the mess and tries not to think about the dozens of tiny food particles embedding themselves into the store’s carpet at that very moment as Lu Han peers up at him brightly.

“Good morning, Kyungsoo.”

“Morning,” Kyungsoo mumbles.

Joonmyun waves at him amiably, taking one of the french fries on his lap and popping it into his mouth as he scribbles in the notebook.

“We’re trying to write a new song,” Joonmyun explains. “Maybe you can give it a listen when we’re done with the lyrics.”

“Yeah, sure,” he responds automatically, shutting the door to the listening booth.

Joonmyun’s band, Lu Han and the Sirens, have become regulars at the store within the past week. Kyungsoo likes the addition of new faces around his workplace and he enjoys their company even more, especially when Chanyeol drops in for his daily chat with Kyungsoo at the register or around the store, following him like a puppy and peppering questions about Kyungsoo into every other conversation. Kyungsoo can’t remember talking about himself to anyone as much as he has to Chanyeol, and he’s only known him for a week.

Chanyeol hasn’t shown up yet. Kyungsoo doesn’t let himself get too down about it, as the day has barely started. He still finds himself looking up at the door with an expectant weight in his chest every time the bell chimes, however, eyes dimming with disappointment when other customers walk in.

He perks up when one of them is actually Yixing showing up for the day, his backpack weighing his shoulders down. Yixing takes his backpack off at the counter as usual and sighs moodily, gaze unfocused. Kyungsoo pouts in concern and approaches him as soon as he finishes up with a customer.

“What’s wrong?”

Yixing offers him a partial smile, patting his head with a heavy hand. Kyungsoo shakes the grandfatherly gesture off.

Kris stomping out of the back room puts a damper on Kyungsoo’s nosy questioning and he snaps back to attention at his register, offering his aid to random customers in an attempt to look as productive as possible. Kris hardly even offers him a glance.

“Did you talk to her again?” he demands, his tall stature making him look twice as threatening.

“I practically begged her,” Yixing sniffs gingerly, trying to make his disgust with the situation obvious. “I never beg.”

Kris growls in frustration and Kyungsoo turns the wattage of his blinding smile up to try to distract the customers from his terrifying boss.

“This is all some kind of a stupid revenge thing,” Kris insists. “She’s turning us away on purpose.”

“Well, obviously,” Yixing nods. “What are we supposed to do about it? The benefit is tomorrow night.”

“And I will have that damned permit by tomorrow night if it kills me,” Kris glowers at nothing in particular, possibly imagining the disembowelment of said permit-withholder.

Kyungsoo shudders.

Yixing sags against the counter as soon as Kris turns and leaves, his every thudding step practically sparking with fury.

“Dude, what the fuck,” Kyungsoo hisses, glancing around to ensure there are no paying customers within earshot. “Is Kris going to burn the store down or something?”

“We applied for a permit for the sale of alcohol at a public event like a month ago,” Yixing explains wearily. “Since we were planning on having beer for sale for the benefit concert.”

“Right, I knew that.”

“But Jessica won’t hand the permit over to us.”

“Wait, Jessica? …the ex, Jessica? She gives liquor licenses?”

“She works at their office, yes.”

“But the beer is like half of our sales.”


Kyungsoo strokes his chin. “Well, erm, has Kris tried to ask her...nicely?”

Yixing levels his gaze with Kyungsoo’s. After another beat, he adds to his expression by raising one eyebrow, eyes widening.

“Of course not,” Kyungsoo babbles. “It’s Kris.”

“And it’s Jessica.”

“Didn’t Kris break up with her on Christmas Eve?”

“On their way to her parents’ house.”

“He is never getting that permit.”


Kyungsoo drags his hands down his face. “What are we going to do?”

“Whatever we have to,” Yixing says with the air of someone preparing himself to do things he never in his life wished to do.

His shift dips into the lull before noon and Kyungsoo busies himself with a copy of Spin magazine while Minseok leans against the checkout counter, staring off into space. Kyungsoo buzzes his lips in boredom while he flips through an article about the 50 Best Guitar Riffs in Rock History when the door chime rings and he glances up to see strawberry blonde hair bouncing every which way as the owner makes a beeline towards him. Kyungsoo throws the magazine away, immediately lighting up.

“Hey, you,” Chanyeol grins at him warmly, coming to a stop in front of him.

“Hey,” Kyungsoo returns in a voice he sincerely hopes doesn’t sound as lovestruck to Chanyeol as it just did to him. He cringes to himself and Chanyeol’s smile goes twitchy with happiness.

“Having a good day?” Chanyeol teases him, tilting his hips to subtly bump against Kyungsoo’s side.

“Actually, no,” Kyungsoo replies honestly. “Kris is most likely plotting homicide in the back room right now, and Jongin has been missing all day. We can’t find him.”

“Really now?” Chanyeol’s beaming smile evens out into a neutral expression. “Maybe he’s sick.”

“He would have called in sick, then. He didn’t call in this morning and he hasn’t answered any of us or our voicemails. I’m starting to think maybe he’s trying to get fired, but I can’t imagine why he’d want that. No one else would ever hire him anywhere.”

“I can’t imagine him working anywhere else.”

Kyungsoo shakes his head, worrying at his lip with his teeth. Chanyeol notices the gesture.

“You seem really worried.”

“I am.” Kyungsoo wrings his hands together. “What if something’s happened to him? Something bad?”

“I thought you hated Jongin.”

“I do! But he’s also my friend.”

“You have really weird friendships,” Chanyeol laughs, nudging him again.

Kyungsoo shrugs, unconcerned about whether it is appropriate to hate one’s friends or not.

“What’s his address? Maybe I can drop by his house and ask his mom if he’s okay,” Chanyeol suggests.

Kyungsoo brightens up a bit. “Good idea! Let’s go look it up.”

Kyungsoo leaves Minseok in charge of the register while they slip past Lu Han and Joonmyeon exiting their listening booth at last, stretching the kinks out of their arms and legs. Lu Han runs past Kyungsoo, most likely having noticed Minseok, and he heads through the door marked Employees Only with Chanyeol. Zitao greets them from the couch, waving as he keeps his eyes trained on the book he’s reading.

“Any word from Jongin?” Kyungsoo asks.

“Apart from the words that will be inscribed on his tombstone when Kris finds him?” Zitao shakes his head. “Nope.”

Kyungsoo sighs and continues on towards Kris’s office, taking a moment to gather his wits just in case his boss mistakes him for Jongin showing up and attempts to dismember him upon opening the door. He knocks a couple times and then peeks inside, wide eyes searching the room. Yixing sits in a chair beside Kris’s desk, hands drawn up to his chin. He looks up at Kyungsoo as he enters the room with tired eyes and a thin smile.

“No luck with Jessica?” Kyungsoo asks shakily, trying to grin.

Yixing makes a throat-cutting gesture and Kris slowly turns to look at him, eyes flashing dangerously.

“Hahahahaha,” Kyungsoo laughs weakly, voice cracking. He shifts uncomfortably. “Actually, Boss, I was going to ask for Jongin’s address. Chanyeol volunteered to go by and check in on his family. Maybe they know where he is.”

“Let me get his file,” Kris responds shortly. He rifles through his desk drawers until he happens upon a dark brown accordion folder, fetching a smaller manila folder from inside. Kris opens the folder up on top of his desk and snatches a paper up, holding it out. Chanyeol moves quickly towards the desk to take the paper, scanning his eyes over it.

“Whoa, Jongin lives in the ghetto.”

“Really?” Kyungsoo crowds against his side, reading the paper.

“His neighborhood is...a bit rough,” Kris sighs, resting his chin on his hand. “Probably why the kid is such a punk.”

His office phone starts ringing and Kris glances at it once before pressing a button. “What is it?”

“Um, sir,” Minseok’s voice speaks up, “Jongin is calling for you.”

Kris switches the lines immediately, his expression suddenly thunderous. He answers the call with the speaker still switched on. “Where the fuck are you, Jongin?

“Hey, Boss,” Jongin replies, his voice unnaturally bright coming out of the speakers. “Got myself in a little bit of trouble.”

“If you’re in jail again, I swear to God, Jongin.”

“Not quite!” Jongin’s breathing is just this side of too harsh, not like he’s been running but more like he’s unsettled and nervous. “You remember my dealer, Woobin? That time he came to the store and Tao had to karate kick him to make him leave? Well, he kind of kidnapped me on my way to work this morning.”

“You’re kidding,” Kris says flatly. His tone clearly implies that he’s sure Jongin is actually being serious but he desperately wishes the opposite is true.

“Nope. You can ask him yourself if you want, he’s right here. He’s holding the phone, since I’m kind of tied up at the moment.” Jongin pauses to laugh nervously. “Get it? Tied up?”

“Jongin,” Kris hisses.

“Sorry, uh, I’ll get to the point. I sort of need to borrow three hundred bucks.”

Kris falls back flat against his chair, the color drained from his face, jaw tight and eyes shut. He rubs at his forehead.

How much?”


“By when?”

“Today. Preferably as soon as possible. Actually, can you come right now?”

“Jongin, you still owe me a hundred from the last time I helped you out.”

“I remember! I’m keeping track. I promise I’ll pay you everything back as soon as I can.”

“You are the worst employee I have ever had.”

“You’ve only had like five employees.”

Kris raises his fist as if he’s about to bash it into the phone and Yixing grabs his arm, staring at him urgently. Kris visibly reels his anger and frustration in, splaying his hands on top of his desk.

“Fine,” he says, teeth clenched and voice as thin as razor wire.

“And, Boss,” Jongin adds hastily, sounding more like the young teenager he is than he has in all the time Kyungsoo has known him, “he...he also has a gun.”

Kyungsoo grabs a hold of Chanyeol’s hand suddenly, his grip like a vice. Chanyeol is quick to wrap his other hand over it and squeeze back, looking over at Kyungsoo with dark eyes.

Kris stares down at the phone, listening to Jongin’s shaky breaths, and all of his resentment seems to crumble into dust while he takes the phone off of speaker and lifts the receiver to his ear in one swift movement.

“Jongin,” he says quietly, turning his head a bit. “I’ll be there soon, okay?”

Kyungsoo can’t hear what Jongin says next, but the line between Kris’s eyebrows forms a deep crease as he says goodbye and hangs up. Kris turns back to them immediately and Kyungsoo recognizes Kris’s serious business face as soon as it takes over his expression.

“Kyungsoo, call an emergency meeting.”

Zitao drops a ten dollar bill on top of Kris’s desk and settles back against the wall, crossing his arms. When Kris gives his assistant his Boss Look™, he throws his arms up. “I had to buy the damned tables and chairs for the benefit, remember?”

“Here,” Jongdae says, taking a step forward. Kris had called him and he’d run over from his college class ten minutes earlier. He adds a $20 to Zitao’s offer. “This is all I have on me right now.”

“That’s fine. You don’t even work here.”

Jongdae shrugs. “I might as well.”

Kris looks to the next person in line and Minseok blinks rapidly, glancing around the room.

“Uhh, I still haven’t received my first paycheck.”

“Shit. Alright, that’s fine.” Kris points at Kyungsoo then, nodding towards Minseok. “Kyungsoo, pay for yourself and Minseok.”

Kyungsoo shifts nervously on his feet, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “I don’t carry cash.”

Kris narrows his eyes immediately and Kyungsoo takes a quick step back as if avoiding a strike.

“I get paranoid, okay?! I don’t want to get mugged!”

“What...Kyungsoo, how the hell is the mugger supposed to know you don’t carry cash? You’d just have your phone or card stolen instead.”

“Oh...yeah, I guess that’s true.”

Kris runs his hands through his hair as Kyungsoo stares down at his feet shamefacedly. Chanyeol takes a step forward, pulling his wallet out.

“Here, I’ll contribute, then.”

Kyungsoo looks at Chanyeol, eyes bugging out. “What? No, you don’t have to do that.”

“Relax, it’s not a big deal. You can pay me back later, okay?”

Chanyeol winks at him and Kyungsoo feels a familiar heat creeping up his neck to his face. Kris rolls his eyes at the scene and gladly accepts Chanyeol’s outstretched handful of bills.

“That makes $50,” Kris says, setting the money down on his desk. “$250 to go.”

Yixing, standing behind Kris’s chair with one hand on the back, stretches his other hand over Kris’s shoulder and drops several twenties on the desk. Kris furrows his brow and picks the money back up, turning to look at Yixing.

“What? That’s my contribution,” Yixing frowns back. “We need to get Jongin back, safe and sound.”

“Yes, we do. But you have a wedding coming up. You need to save your money for that.” Kris sorts the money out and hands Yixing most of it back. “I’ll accept no more than $40 from you.”

“Are you sure?” Yixing asks, but his eyes are already brimming with thanks.

Kris grins at his best friend and claps him on the shoulder once. “Positive,” he replies shortly.

“Hold on,” Lu Han calls as he runs in, breaking everyone apart as he moves through the small crowd to Kris’s desk. Kris stares at him in bewilderment as he fishes around in his pocket. “Here’s a ten to make it an even hundred.”

“What are you doing back here?” Kris asks, even as he takes the boy’s money and sets it on the pile.

“Uh, I followed Minseok...”

They all turn to look at Minseok, who shrinks back with a shifty look. “Sorry, Boss.”

“Whatever,” Kris shrugs as he gathers the money and stuffs it in his pockets. “That makes two hundred to go. We’ll stop off at the bank on the way there. I think I have just enough left over from the benefit fund to make up the rest.”

Having stopped at the bank so Kris could withdraw the rest of the money with his permanent scowl in place on his face, Kyungsoo thinks the afternoon might be salvageable so long as they can make it through Jongin’s rescue operation in the ghetto alive and with all limbs intact. He sits in the back seat of Kris’s car with Chanyeol and Lu Han and goes over his meticulous plan with Chanyeol once more as they leave their neighborhood for Jongin’s. Kyungsoo had insisted on making disguises for them before leaving the store, to further ensure their survival, and is currently sporting a backwards baseball cap and heavy gold chain he found in the store’s lost and found bin. Chanyeol is wearing his own cap and a matching silver chain with a bling-happy skull pendant dangling on his chest.

“If you’re trying not to get shot at,” Kris drawls from the driver seat, looking at Kyungsoo through his rearview mirror, “I think you’re going about this the wrong way.”

“This is a rescue mission,” Kyungsoo hisses. “We’re being incognito.”

“You’re still going to get mugged,” Zitao teases him cheerfully. “With guns in your face. Lots of them.”

“Oh my god.”

“Stop scaring him,” Chanyeol chastises them, rubbing Kyungsoo’s shoulders. “They’re messing with you.”

“Did I go overboard? Are we too hip hop? Will they think we’re posers? Boss, play some Dr. Dre or something. Turn the bass all the way up.”

“Shut up, Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo squeezes himself back into the seat, stock still, and doesn’t even blush when Chanyeol starts holding his hand tightly. The scenery around them visibly changes as they drive further into the lower-class neighborhoods and Kyungsoo starts sweating in his seat.

Kris pulls up to the curb outside of a house that looks as if it should be condemned for health and safety reasons. Kyungsoo takes a few deep breaths while Kris rolls all the windows down for ventilation, leaving the car with Zitao.

“Don’t go anywhere,” Kris warns them through Kyungsoo’s open window.

He straightens up and walks down the driveway with Zitao in tow, hands shoved in his pockets. Kyungsoo watches them knock and then disappear into the house moments later. He swallows as he sits up straighter, hurriedly pulling on his cheap Oakley sunglasses, also filched from the lost and found. Lu Han crosses his arms over the window and peers out at the neighborhood kids riding their bikes in the street, a lazy yawn cracking his jaw. They sit in silence for several minutes, Chanyeol rubbing his thumb over Kyungsoo’s knuckles periodically.

The skin-on-skin contact helps with distracting Kyungsoo until someone walks close by their car, startling Kyungsoo into awareness. Kyungsoo watches, heart pounding, as the bald man tilts his head to look at their car, stroking the fuzz of his goatee and holding the leash most likely keeping his vicious dog from attacking their car and ripping Kyungsoo’s throat out with its razor-sharp teeth. Kyungsoo watches the man out of the corner of his eye, teeth set on edge, until Lu Han suddenly leans out the window and waves right at him.

“Hey!” Lu Han calls out. “Hey, what kind of dog is that?”

The man starts walking over and Kyungsoo can feel his stomach churning in apprehension as he shakes Lu Han’s shoulder, half-whispering and half-screeching at him to stay quiet. Lu Han shakes him off with an oblivious smile and goes back to hanging out the window as the man and his dog approach the car.

“She’s a pit bull,” the man says. The dog sits down on the road, tongue lolling out, and he pets her head. “She actually just had puppies.”

“Really?” Lu Han squeals. “I bet they’re really cute.”

“They’re in my backyard. You can take a look if you’re interested.”

“Oh, I’d love to!” Lu Han replies, opening the door and climbing out without a care in the world.

Kyungsoo claws at the air after him while Lu Han shuts the door with a bang, not caring or not noticing Kyungsoo’s concern for his safety. Lu Han isn’t even wearing a disguise. Kyungsoo isn’t sure this man even has puppies in his yard. What if “puppies” is his code word for “drugs”? Is Lu Han entering a drug deal without even realizing it? Does Lu Han even know the peril he’s in at this very moment, following this thug to his house in the middle of the ghetto?

Kyungsoo tries to explain his worries to Chanyeol, but he just smiles at Kyungsoo like he’s the funniest thing in the world and Kyungsoo loses his mind even further to that smile.

“Lu Han is pretty tough, though he doesn’t look like it.” Chanyeol laces their fingers together on Kyungsoo’s lap. “He’ll be fine.”

“But Kris told us to stay in the car,” Kyungsoo babbles, eyebrows sloping on his face. “What if Kris gets mad?”

“Don’t worry,” Chanyeol laughs, cupping Kyungsoo’s neck with his hand. “Everything is going to be fine. How do you even live like this?”

“By handling one crisis at a time,” Kyungsoo replies. He blinks stupidly when Chanyeol runs his thumb along the line of Kyungsoo’s neck. Swallowing again, he comes to the realization that he and Chanyeol have been left completely alone in the back seat.

At this distance, Kyungsoo can smell Chanyeol’s shampoo. It’s a citrusy scent, mixed with the tang of sweat and the strange cap on his head. Kyungsoo thinks to ask Chanyeol to take his cap off because he doesn’t like the way it covers up the reddish waves of his bangs over his forehead, swept behind his ear. Kyungsoo can tell from how Chanyeol’s hair looks that it would feel like silk between his fingers, but he hasn’t been able to test this theory yet. It’s one of the many things he wishes he had the courage to try with Chanyeol, on his to-do list for the distant future, unless Chanyeol figures out how weird he is and takes the opportunity to get as far away from him as possible.

“The benefit is tomorrow night.”

Kyungsoo shakes himself from his thoughts.


“Are you going to sing?”

“Ughhhh,” Kyungsoo flails dramatically, slouching in the car seat. “Kris still wants me to, but I don’t know if I can.”

“If you’re worried about singing in front of people, maybe you can practice with me,” Chanyeol suggests lightly, twisting their fingers together.

“I don’t know,” Kyungsoo sighs. “That sounds pretty scary, too.”

“Why? It’s just me.”

“Because it’s...well, I don’t want to look stupid.”

“You won’t.”

“How do you know?”

“You can’t look stupid to me.”

“What does that even mean?”

Chanyeol chuckles. Kyungsoo’s ears redden because whenever Chanyeol laughs like that, his voice dips even deeper and it triggers something in Kyungsoo’s gut that turns into a slush of hot lava spilling everywhere in his body. If Kyungsoo had Chanyeol’s voice, he thinks, he could and would sing to everyone who’d listen.

“Remember when you got ‘married’ to Yixing?”

“Um, I’d like to not remember that, actually.”

“Well, you know how at weddings, there’s usually a part where the priest asks if anyone objects?”

Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow and Chanyeol’s smile turns a little bashful. Kyungsoo feels winded from the sudden youth in Chanyeol’s face.

“I was waiting for Kris to say that, but I never got my chance.”

“You were going to object to my fake marriage?”

“Hey, I didn’t know what the wedding was about and I’d just finally met a guy I thought I might actually like. Can you blame me for wanting to keep him to myself?”

Kyungsoo lays his head back on the seat, properly tomato-faced, and Chanyeol just smiles wider and plays with their clasped hands.

“I guess not,” Kyungsoo mumbles, nearly a whisper.

“Sooo,” Chanyeol continues in a giddy voice, “that’s why you should sing for me first if you want to sing at the concert. I’ll automatically like however you sound. It’s a win-win situation.”

“I guess...I can try it. When we get back to the store.”



Chanyeol enthusiastically links their pinkies together and Kyungsoo’s heart ties itself in several knots along his throat. The back door of the car flying open breaks them apart rather suddenly and Kyungsoo cries out in alarm as his lap is assaulted by a tiny, wriggling creature. Lu Han hops into the back seat and shuts the door.

“Help me think of a name,” Lu Han pleads, reaching across Chanyeol to lift the struggling puppy from Kyungsoo’s lap.

“Don’t let it pee in here! Kris is going to be so upset!”

Lu Han waves him off, turning to Chanyeol. “Any ideas?”

“Which names were you thinking of?” Chanyeol asks, stroking the puppy’s tiny body.

“I was thinking maybe Baozi,” Lu Han grins, tickling its pink belly.

“That’s cute.”

“Yeah. It reminds me of someone.”

Chanyeol raises an eyebrow and starts to ask who when Kyungsoo grabs his sleeve, pointing out the window. Across the sidewalk, Kris and Zitao walk through the screen door of the house, slamming it behind them. Held securely under Kris’s arm and practically being dragged across the lawn, Jongin looks over at the car and smirks at Kyungsoo, the corner of his mouth flecked with dried blood.

The bell over the front doors of EXO Records chimes once, loud and clear, and Minseok looks over from his cash register with wide eyes as Zitao tugs Jongin in by his wrist. The newest employee distractedly hands a customer their change as his eyes follow the scene unfolding, Jongin looking around the store with an eerie grin, blood decorating his lips, the fluorescent store light shining off a large, darkening bruise surrounding his left eye, and then Kris, Kyungsoo and Chanyeol walk through after them with solemn faces, none of them so much as meeting his eye. Lu Han steps into the store last and he immediately veers towards his register, holding what looks like a puppy. As Lu Han lifts one of the puppy’s paws to wave at him, beaming at him with a cute expression, Minseok swallows reflexively and only barely remembers to turn to the customer and smile.

“Have a nice day!”

In the back of the store, Zitao sits Jongin down on the couch and they all crowd around him at once.

“Are you alright?” Kyungsoo asks. “I’ll go get the first aid kit.”

“What happened to you?” Jongdae frowns in bewilderment. “What is even going on?”

“Is Jongin back?” Yixing calls as he leaves Kris’s office, standing in the hallway and staring at the couch. “Wow.”

“What the fuck were you thinking?” Kris demands, pacing back and forth beside the couch. “You could have been killed, you stupid, stupid kid.”

“Would everyone please just calm the fuck down?” Jongin groans, resting his hand over his black eye. “Everything’s fine now. Don’t we have a benefit or some shit to worry about?”

“Jongin,” Kris says, crouching down in front of the couch. He rests his hand on Jongin’s knee until Jongin looks at him, eyes soft and still a bit cagey from his wild afternoon. Kris lifts that hand to ruffle Jongin’s hair. “I know you think you’re grown up. I remember being your age. Hell, I was probably more of a punk than you are. But there’s a line you shouldn’t cross when it comes to your safety, okay? Next time you want to be a badass, why don’t you try messing with someone who won’t hurt you like this? You aren’t even eighteen yet, for fuck’s sake.”

Jongin stares back at him, mouth melting into a pout, his usually sleepy expression colored by a touch of leftover fear. He looks away, tilting his head slightly.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles.

Kris smirks and musses his hair one last time before he stands up. “I didn’t think ‘sorry’ was in your vocabulary, kid.”

“Um,” Kyungsoo speaks up, “I’ve got the first aid kit.”

“Just put medicine on his lip,” Kris says, moving out of Kyungsoo’s way. “That’s all he needs.”

Kyungsoo sits on the couch to dab antiseptic on Jongin’s split lip and Jongin takes it from him to do it himself. Kyungsoo frowns at him, crossing his arms.

“Now that all of that’s over,” Kris continues in his leaderly voice, “I think a punishment is in order.”

Jongin looks over immediately, eyebrows furrowed. “Punishment? Like everything else wasn’t punishment enough?”

Kris steels his face into a neutral expression as he calls Zitao over with crooked fingers. “Zitao. Bring me the handcuffs.”

Zitao smiles at him and nods, rushing out towards Kris’s office.

“The...handcuffs?” Chanyeol blurts, looking confused.

“Isn’t that going a little too far, Kris?” Yixing asks, leaning against the wall.

“Not at all.”

Zitao brings back a pair of handcuffs, twirling them around his fingers, and Jongin looks at Kris pleadingly.

“Please don’t do this, Boss.”

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t.”

“Oh, I don’t know, because it’s inhumane and I could have you arrested for cruel and unusual punishment?”

“Great. Then I’ll have you arrested for all the pot in your locker and we can spend the night in jail together. It’ll be a great bonding experience.”

Jongin sighs, running a hand through his hair. “Well, can I at least go to the bathroom before you lock me up?”

“Sure.” Kris nods his head towards the couch. “But Kyungsoo goes with you. No tricks.”

“What — why is it always me?” Kyungsoo groans.

Kris steps towards the couch and Jongin holds his wrist up, grinning. Kris locks the cuff around his wrist and looks at Kyungsoo expectantly until he offers his opposite wrist, looking murderous. Once the two are handcuffed to each other, Jongin stands up and urges Kyungsoo to follow him. Marching towards the bathroom, Chanyeol catches Kyungsoo’s free wrist and whispers to him.

“If anything happens, just scream. I’ll come running.”

“Sure,” Kyungsoo pouts as he is tugged along after Jongin.

“Sooo, what’s up with you and Chanyeol?”

Kyungsoo takes a break from staring holes into the opposite bathroom wall in an attempt to evade awkwardness about standing beside Jongin’s urinal as he takes a piss, glancing at him.

“What do you mean?”

“You guys seem pretty close all of a sudden,” Jongin smirks. “Did you have sex?”

“What?!” Kyungsoo pounds on his chest as his sudden gasp turns into a round of hacking and coughing loudly. He manages to gasp, “No! Of course not. We just met a week ago.”

“Well, something’s going on. You two keep taking turns staring at each other and it’s bringing all sorts of awkward tension into the store. At this rate, Kris will probably notice and lock you in the closet until you work things out.”

“There’s nothing to work out, nothing is going on,” Kyungsoo insists, a traitorous blush wreaking havoc on his fair skin tone. He pointedly does not meet Jongin’s eye after that. “Can we please not talk about Chanyeol and me while you’re...touching yourself?”

Jongin snorts and flushes the urinal, fixing his pants. Kyungsoo tries hard not to let his cuffed hand brush against Jongin while he zips and buttons.

“Okay, serious talk,” Jongin says, flattening his voice. “Here’s the plan.”

“No, Jongin, no plan. No tricks. This isn’t a negotiati—”

“Kyungsoo, the plan. Shut up and listen.”

Kyungsoo glares disapprovingly as Jongin turns towards the sinks and points with his free hand. “I’m going to turn the sink on as a distraction, and then we’re going to sneak to the door. Then we make a break for it.”

“Horrible plan. I object. I object, Jongin.”

“I’ll count to three.” Jongin yanks him towards the sink and reaches out to turn the faucet on full blast. The sound of gushing water fills the restroom and Kyungsoo wonders in the back of his mind whether he should have gone to the bathroom as well.

“Ready? One.” Jongin takes a step to the door.

Kyungsoo tries to pull in the opposite direction, digging his heels in, but he gets pulled several steps towards Jongin with one tug of his wrist. Jongin looks thin and weak, but he packs a lot of muscle. Kyungsoo doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.


Kyungsoo wonders where Kris keeps the resignation forms. He also wonders just how badly Kris would murder him if he quit his job the day before the benefit.


Jongin flies through the bathroom door and Kyungsoo flies with him, legs flailing beneath him as if the ground has turned into ice.

“I AM SCREAMING!” Kyungsoo shouts, nearly tripping over himself. “THIS IS KYUNGSOO, SCREAMING!”

They round the corner and run approximately two steps before Jongin screeches to a halt and Kyungsoo slams into him. At the end of the hallway, a barricade made up of chairs and boxes has been piled up in their way, blocking off the exit towards the front of the store. Kris stands behind the barrier with his arms crossed, grinning like a fiend.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t plan for this?” he asks over the chairs. “I know you, you little shit.”

“Okay, Kyungsoo,” Jongin hisses over his shoulder, “I’m going to tell you I’m sorry in advance.”

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Kyungsoo growls, clutching at his shirt.

Jongin ignores him, of course, and the next thing Kyungsoo knows, Jongin is flying over the chairs, hands grazing the delicate structure, and Kyungsoo is plowing headfirst through pain and twisted limbs and bright light until he finds himself sprawled across the floor under several objects.

Chanyeol is suddenly hovering over him with his worried, deep, sexy, otherworldly voice and Kyungsoo can’t quite tell up from down.

“Fuck, is he alright?”

Yixing’s hand drops onto his head and rubs at his eyebrow and Kyungsoo blinks in confusion when Yixing’s fingers come away red.

“Goddamnit!” Jongin shouts from somewhere above where his arm is being pulled upwards.

Kyungsoo tilts his head up to follow his arm to Jongin’s hanging loosely as he is bent over under Zitao’s tight grip around his head, trapped under Zitao’s armpit.

Kris carefully removes the handcuff from Kyungsoo’s abused wrist and crouches down with Chanyeol to stare at his face.

“Bring him to the couch. The first aid kit is still there.”

“How come he gets an ice pack and I don’t?” Jongin whines in his best petulant voice.

“Because you don’t deserve one,” Chanyeol snaps.

Jongdae grins over at them on the couch from where he’s just handcuffed Jongin to a metal post in the employee room. Jongin sits down on the chair provided for him and makes a face.

“Kyungsoo was right, these chairs are uncomfortable as fuck.”

Kyungsoo cringes as Chanyeol presses the ice pack to the cut on his left eyebrow.

“Good,” he mutters, feeling vindictive.

“You can stay there until we close tonight,” Kris tells Jongin. “Think about what you’ve done.”

“I’m not in pre-school.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”

Kris walks over to the couch to observe Kyungsoo, frowning while he checks him out.

“You know,” he sighs, ruffling Kyungsoo’s hair, “why don’t you just take the rest of the day? We’ll see you at the concert tomorrow night.”

“Are you sure?” Kyungsoo blurts, eyes huge. He’s never been given the day off before. Kyungsoo wasn’t aware Kris actually let anyone take time off.

“It’ll give you extra time to practice the songs.”

“Oh. Right...”

Yixing reaches over from behind the couch to rub at his shoulders.

“You don’t have to sing if you don’t want to.”

Kyungsoo smiles warmly at him. “Thanks.”

“Actually, you do,” Kris shrugs.

Kyungsoo stops smiling abruptly, staring at his boss.

Kris smiles back at him and pats his shoulder. Yixing sighs.

“Let’s call Jessica again,” he suggests wearily.

“Fine,” Kris bites out, stomping away from the couch. “Go home, Kyungsoo.”

Kyungsoo looks up at Chanyeol, who beams back at him.

“Come on, I’ll walk you,” he says, standing up.

Kyungsoo takes his hand as he stands up, wincing at the soreness in his legs. He leads Chanyeol to his locker to gather his things and waves goodbye to Minseok and Lu Han on his way out of the store, asking Lu Han as politely as he can manage not to let Baozi sit on the checkout counter.

As they leave EXO Records and start walking away, Kyungsoo realizes Chanyeol still has his hand clutched in his, fingers interlaced the way they were in Kris’s car. Kyungsoo lets Chanyeol swing their hands between them as they walk and even though he still has an ice pack pressed to his eye, Kyungsoo still thinks the day could have been much worse.

“I’m just sad that I didn’t get to have you sing for me,” Chanyeol pouts as they get near his house.

Kyungsoo frowns to himself, slowing down a bit. He stops on the sidewalk at the end of his driveway and turns to Chanyeol, looking around. There is no sign of anyone else on the block as the hot sun beats down on the sidewalk, keeping people from their yards.

“I guess I could sing for you right now,” he shrugs. “Just a little bit.”

“Really?” Chanyeol asks excitedly, showing all of his teeth in his smile.

“I’m going to close my eyes, though,” Kyungsoo mumbles, fiddling with Chanyeol’s hand. “I still feel kind of shy.”

“I’ll look at your house,” Chanyeol promises, turning his body to stare resolutely at Kyungsoo’s porch. “I won’t watch you sing.”


Kyungsoo takes a breath and a few seconds to gather himself, clearing his throat. He shuts his eyes before he starts singing the beginning of Sweet Child O’ Mine, keeping his voice soft and yet audible enough for Chanyeol to hear. He starts getting into it without even meaning to, making it past the first verse and the chorus, his expression twisted with emotion. When he can feel someone’s breath puffing against his lips, his eyes fly open to see Chanyeol’s face tilted in front of his, his eyebrows slanted in concentration as he stares at Kyungsoo’s mouth. Chanyeol’s eyes meet his when they open and Chanyeol looks almost as surprised as Kyungsoo feels about catching Chanyeol in the act of trying to kiss him.

The front door of his house flies open with a bang and Kyungsoo jumps back a foot when his mother steps out and calls his name.

“Aren’t you supposed to be working?” his mother yells.

Kyungsoo blinks and looks from Chanyeol to his mother. He looks down at the sidewalk, scratching his neck with one finger.

“Uh, s-see you tomorrow night, Chanyeol.”

Kyungsoo doesn’t even wave goodbye as he runs across his lawn and into his house, pulling his mother inside with hushed explanations and the universal long-suffering of a grown son embarrassed by his parents’ entire existence.

Wearing his favorite leather jacket and an old, plain white t-shirt, Kyungsoo hops off his front porch into the late evening with a big grin. The weather is perfect for a concert and he can already feel the thrum of anticipation running through his limbs as he jogs down the sidewalk towards the record store. Even from far off, Kyungsoo can see the stage set up at the corner of the block, sectioned off from the intersection with rows of yellow plastic barriers. Several booths dot the street, holding records and CDs in cardboard boxes and plastic bins, music posters and clothing spilling all over another table, and there is already a line at the keg booth. Kyungsoo makes his way to where Kris and Jongdae are standing behind the booth.

“Did you get the permit?” Kyungsoo asks over the loud music blaring out of the speakers nearby.

“She finally agreed to hand it over,” Jongdae replies, leaning in to talk to him. “But she’s going to bring it in person.”

“Oh,” Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow, glancing at Kris.

Kris hands a foaming cup of beer to a little old lady and pretends he can’t hear their conversation, looking away with a slight scowl on his face.

“I think she just wanted an excuse to see him,” Jongdae mutters in Kyungsoo’s ear.

Kyungsoo nods in agreement, laughing, and he winces as Kris reaches over to smack his arm and tell him to go check on the stage.

Kyungsoo takes a cup of beer from Jongdae when Kris turns away to deal with a troublemaker trying to steal beer and hurries off towards the stage, sipping at the drink. He stops in his tracks when he gets close enough to see the stage crew, consisting of Yixing, Jongin, Chanyeol, Joonmyun, Baekhyun and Sehun. Sehun sees him and turns to Chanyeol, getting his attention, and then Chanyeol stands up and smiles brilliantly at him. Kyungsoo walks forward as Chanyeol hops off the front of the stage to meet him.

“You look, uh,” Kyungsoo says, looking Chanyeol over. He’s wearing his hair up in a small ponytail, flyaway strands floating around his face and neck, and his sleeveless shirt is doing nothing to hide the cords of muscle in the drummer’s arms. Kyungsoo lowers his eyes to take in the faded, worn jeans fitted perfectly to Chanyeol’s endlessly long legs, not baggy and not tight, barely hinting at shape in all the right places. Kyungsoo can’t wait to watch him turn around and climb back up onto the stage.

“Nice,” he finishes lamely, a little hoarse.

Chanyeol chuckles and Kyungsoo finds it miraculous that he doesn’t blush this time.

“You look, uh, nice, too,” Chanyeol teases him, giving him the same once-over. He rests a hand on Kyungsoo’s side. “You know I love this jacket?”

“Really?” Kyungsoo runs his thumb over a stray stud in the leather.

“Really,” Chanyeol grins, curling his fingers over his waist.

Kyungsoo breathes in, inhaling the citrus scent of Chanyeol’s shampoo, and watches the way Chanyeol’s hooded eyes subtly flick to his lips. He suddenly remembers where they had left off last night on his driveway and swallows, mouth suddenly dry.

“Chanyeol,” Baekhyun calls, standing at the end of the stage. “Come help with the sound check.”

He waves at Kyungsoo, grinning, and Kyungsoo waves back at Baekhyun over Chanyeol’s shoulder. He looks at Chanyeol again as the taller boy rolls his eyes, brushing his fingers along Kyungsoo’s side as he pulls his hand back.

“I’ll be right back,” Chanyeol says, licking his lips.

Kyungsoo nods, distracted, as Chanyeol turns and hops back up to the stage. Kyungsoo follows the movement and decides Chanyeol’s pants are most definitely flattering for his body. Jongin wanders over and hops off the stage, catching him around his neck with one arm.

“Hey, buddy,” Jongin greets him, swiping his beer out of his hand and drinking the rest.

“You are way too young to be drinking that.”

“Actually, so are you,” Jongin smirks, tossing the cup onto the floor. “Kris wants us to man the booths for now, until the show starts. Minseok has Lu Han helping with his, so let’s go bother Zitao and sell some shit.”

“Uh, but,” Kyungsoo starts, glancing towards where Chanyeol is taking a seat behind his drum set, playing around while his bandmates check the sound. “I was kind of—”

“Come on.”

Jongin leads him away from the stage and Kyungsoo stares back over his shoulder helplessly until he gets to the booth and has to pay attention to the people buying CDs. It feels like a lifetime before Kris heads over with Yixing to gather them up and prepare for the concert. There’s a pretty young woman with Kris, with long, curly hair falling over her shoulders. Kyungsoo finally recognizes her as Jessica and says hello.

“Good luck with your stage,” Jessica smiles at him, patting his arm.

“Thanks,” he nods back with a smile.

Kris glances back at them, eyes narrowed, and Kyungsoo wipes the smile off his face and hurries after him, eyes wide.

In front of the stage, Yixing pulls his acoustic guitar on over his head and tunes it as he talks to his fiancée, a tall, slender, beautiful woman named Meili. Kyungsoo watches as she leans up to kiss Yixing, both of them smiling, and he quickly moves backstage to stand with Kris, ears burning. Kris pats his shoulder once as Kyungsoo listens to Jongdae making the introduction speech, bouncing from foot to foot nervously.

“Time to sink or swim, Kyungsoo,” Kris reminds him, resting an arm over his shoulders.

“I’m going to sing,” Kyungsoo says, trying to sound brave.

“I knew you could do it,” Kris responds with a smile.

Jongdae moves off the stage to let Jongin start his dance performance and Kyungsoo’s hands start trembling from the nerves. Just as Jongin’s music starts in, a pair of arms wrap themselves around Kyungsoo from behind and he falls back against a solid chest.

“Nervous?” Chanyeol’s deep voice rumbles in his ear, sending another tremor through him.

Kyungsoo nods silently and feels as Chanyeol’s arms tighten.

“Don’t be. Your voice is amazing.” Chanyeol nuzzles against the side of his head and his stomach flutters. “You’re gonna kill it.”

“I hope so,” he sighs, fidgeting with his jacket sleeves.

Chanyeol drops his arms and Kyungsoo turns around, finding his hand. He wraps his fingers around Chanyeol’s and takes a deep breath as the anxiety welling up begins to calm inside of him.

“I’ll be waiting right here,” Chanyeol smiles at him, barely an inch away.

Kyungsoo is dying to lean in and cross that bridge between them, to go out in flames and step onto the stage finally having done what he’s wanted to do for the past week, but he knows it’ll be that much sweeter if he waits until after they’re off the stage, out of view, not surrounded by everyone they know and even more complete strangers.

Chanyeol seems to be having the same thoughts, biting down on his own lip as if he’s nervous himself while he stares at Kyungsoo and his mouth and breathes hot against Kyungsoo’s face. Jongin’s music ends and it snaps them both back to reality, blinking at each other as Kris tugs at Kyungsoo’s sleeve.

“I gotta go,” Kyungsoo says with reluctance, losing the heat of Chanyeol’s fingers as he lets go and follows Kris and Yixing around the back of the stage.

Kyungsoo can barely hear Chanyeol’s last words of encouragement over the roar of the crowd as they step out to bright stage lights, microphone stands and dozens of waving arms.

Kyungsoo freezes up for five terrifying seconds, clutching the microphone as Yixing strums his guitar and Kris looks at him over his bongos, mouthing reassurance at him. Kyungsoo closes his eyes and tries to imagine his usual morning shift, opening the store, cranking the radio up and singing along to it as loud as he can. He tries to imagine that he’s there and no one can hear him and when he opens his eyes, he finds that the crowd doesn’t unsettle him nearly as much.

“Twenty-five years and my life is still trying to get up that great big hill of hope,” Kyungsoo sings softly, grinning out at the crowd, “for a destination.”

Kyungsoo thinks that it’s when Lu Han and the Sirens run out of songs to sing, when the night is at its darkest and everyone around him is heavily buzzed and swaying, deathly silent as they listen to the encore song, Pearl Jam’s Black, after he’s had another and another cup of beer pressed to his hand by his co-workers, after Baekhyun’s voice has long gone raw and he’s practically screaming the last haunting verse of the song and the music plays out voiceless and loud, Sehun plucking the last chords out of his bass and Joonmyun riding the main, rhythmic riff to its slow death and Lu Han sweating over his keyboard as his aching fingers press into the black and white keys, that’s when Chanyeol throws his last, dying effort into the stage and flings himself into the crashing finish with one final display of drumming prowess. Kyungsoo watches him offer the last piece of his soul to the crowd and wonders if that’s what it means to be a rock star.

All around him, everyone explodes into sound, cheering themselves hoarse as the band draws the last note out into their own separate improvised finish and Chanyeol throws his drum sticks into the air as Baekhyun thanks the crowd and the EXO Records crew with his harsh, overworked voice.

Kyungsoo’s ears are ringing from how loud the entire set was and he’s grinning from ear to ear, weaving dizzily through the crowd and spilling his beer on the floor when it sloshes around in his cup. He watches as Chanyeol strides across the stage, ignoring Joonmyun as he tries to call him back to help pack up, and he waits as Chanyeol hops down and walks straight to him through the crowd. His hair is plastered to his head and his ponytail fell apart well into the very first song. He’s sweating everywhere but Kyungsoo hardly minds it as Chanyeol grabs him by the waist and tugs him close, barely containing his over-bright smile.

“I probably smell,” Chanyeol gasps as he tries to catch his breath.

“I don’t care,” Kyungsoo assures him, dropping his cup of beer and wrapping his arms around Chanyeol’s neck.

Chanyeol immediately ducks his head as Kyungsoo leans up to meet him halfway. The first brush of lips has Kyungsoo’s toes curling in his shoes and the next earns a happy groan against Chanyeol’s mouth. Baekhyun attempts to get Chanyeol’s attention from the stage and Kyungsoo is only too happy to raise a middle finger, denying any and all attempts to break them apart as he lets Chanyeol pull him up against his body and kiss him until he can’t breathe.

Kyungsoo reluctantly lets Chanyeol go when Minseok runs past him and offers to help Baekhyun with the equipment, Lu Han trailing behind him and grinning slyly at him and Chanyeol.

“Looks like they have it covered,” Chanyeol waves at the stage vaguely, slipping his arm around Kyungsoo’s waist.

Jongin stops as he’s walking past them and takes the chance to grab Kyungsoo away from Chanyeol with his usual smirk.

“Hey, buddy,” Jongin begins, and Kyungsoo tries to duck out of his grip. “Aw, come on, I just have a favor to ask you.”

“What is it now?” Kyungsoo demands, reaching out for Chanyeol’s hand.

“I need you to help cover my morning shifts,” Jongin shrugs. “Early afternoon, too.”

“Geez, more punishment from Kris?” Kyungsoo asks, surprised.

“Something like that,” Jongin sighs, crossing his arms. “Looks like I’m going to have to go back to school. Kris says if I graduate, he won’t make me pay back all the money I owe him.”

“That’s awesome, Jongin!” Kyungsoo beams.

“Alright, alright, calm down, Mom,” Jongin rolls his eyes. “I don’t know why you’re so excited about more work.”

“I can probably help out, too,” Jongdae interrupts, popping up next to them. He points at a nametag on his chest.

“Wait...since when do you actually work here?”

“Since Jongin opened up a new position as of yesterday,” Jongdae shrugs. “My last class is next week, so I’ll be free now.”

“Wow. Tonight’s been a really crazy night.”

“Talk about crazy,” Jongin cranes his neck, “I’m pretty sure Kris is actually letting Jessica hit on him over there. Think he’s had too much to drink?”

“Nah, he’s totally still in love with her,” Jongdae laughs. He pats Jongin on the back. “Come on. I think you interrupted these two lovebirds.”

“Whoops. Wrap it before you tap it, kids,” Jongin points between Kyungsoo and Chanyeol before Jongdae drags him away by the arm.

“I think he’s had too much to drink,” Chanyeol says slowly, breaking into a laugh.

“I told him not to,” Kyungsoo frets.

Chanyeol grins at him, all warm sunshine, and Kyungsoo practically melts as Chanyeol runs his thumb gently along his forehead over his eyebrow.

“You look pretty sexy with that cut,” Chanyeol smiles. “It’s kinda wild.”

“You think so?” Kyungsoo tries to wriggle his eyebrows suggestively and winces. “Ow. No. That doesn’t work.”

Chanyeol looks around. “I really wish all these people weren’t around us right now.”

Kyungsoo flushes slightly and looks back towards the store. “Pretty sure the store’s empty right now.”

“It’s gonna take them a while to get all the equipment inside,” Chanyeol adds.

“Maybe I should show you why I have the best customer service at EXO Records,” Kyungsoo grins, grabbing Chanyeol’s hand.

“Ohh, kinky,” Chanyeol quips, following him through the crowd. “I like that.”

“I bet you do.”


Kyungsoo guides Chanyeol past the closed booths, waving at Zitao and sneaking past Yixing and Meili and then Kris and Jessica. Kyungsoo opens the front door to EXO Records as the neon sign above the store flickers and he slips in after Chanyeol, turning the OPEN sign to CLOSED with one hand. After a few seconds, the glare of the neon sign dies off into darkness as the lights go out, each bulb in the E-X-O slowly fading from bright red to do-not-disturb black.

Song list:
Ted Nugent // Stranglehold (cut text)
ZZ Top // La Grange (Kyungsoo opens)
Guns 'N Roses // Sweet Child O' Mine (Kyungsoo sings for Chanyeol)
4 Non Blondes // What's Up (Kyungsoo sings at the concert)
Pearl Jam // Black (Lu Han and the Sirens/ending song)
Tags: chanyeol/kyungsoo, exo, pg-13
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